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Masters of silk & sericulture since 2017

Silkism offers a range of fashion-forward silk products such as washable reusable silk face masks, silk scarves, pillowcases and more to people in HK. Silkism combines sustainability with luxurious fabrics to bring you products that breathe elegance and comfort into your daily life. With Wellness as a core thread woven in our DNA, we believe in looking towards a sustainable future and creating products that fit seamlessly into modern life. Discover the beauty and elegance of silk, and buy sustainably made reusable silk face masks, scarves, pillowcases and more on Silkism online today!

Gentle On Skin

100% Natural

Silk contains 18 Amino acids that speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help to counter the effects of aging.

It dehydrates the epidermis much less than cotton does and helps keep skin naturally hydrated.

Silkism Face Mask

Antibacterial Filter Layer

Repeated wear of cloth masks can cause unpleasant odours and increase bacteria on the skin.  
Our reusable silk face masks have a unique antibacterial filter layer within the silk face mask itself. Treated with silver, this antibacterial filter layer has been proven to show marked inhibition of bacterial growth and microorganisms.

Amazing Comfort

High Breathability

The nose bridge area is form-fitted to your face for better protection. Supporting wire provides an extra gap between the mask and your mouth for greater comfort and breathing space.

Designed for a

Contoured Streamline Fit

Our silk face masks have been tastefully designed to contour and slim the jawline. They come with an adjustable noseband and ear loops as well as an additional wire band built into the face mask for enhanced breathability and comfort.

Absolute Solution

Sustainably Made

Many high-end fashion companies purchase large quantities of fabric that never end up being used, thus rather than disposing them into landfills, we have repurposed these silks to produce smooth and luxurious protective face masks. By extending the life of these unwanted silks and minimizing the waste by preventing it from going into landfills, it also lessens the need for more raw materials, energy consumption, and pollution during the manufacturing process.