Mitten - Beauty Mask (Aloe Vera)


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Silkism face mask is combining the need for wellness and protection.


Product Details

  • 3 Layered Design:
    Outer layer - Designer Upcycled 100% Mulberry Silk
    inner layer
     - Aloe Vera with 100% Mulberry Silk
    Middle layer - Antibacterial Silver Filter Layer
  • Reusable, Washable & Sustainable 
  • The Interior pocket for Insertable Filters come with the silk face mask. 
  • Adjustable ear loops for comfortable wear 
  • Wire has sewn into the silk mask for a snug fit over the nose 
  • Additional interior band for structure and better breathability 

Antibacterial Silver Filter Layer:

Lab-tested and proven to show marked inhibition of bacterial growth, and a strong biocidal effect against microorganisms - resistant to Staphyl, Klepn, E-Coli & Candidiasis. Able to wash for 30 times. 

Thermoregulation gives a healthy body temperature odour control 


This is a non-medical mask.

*Please note that due to hygiene reasons, this item is not valid for returns, refunds and exchanges.



  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable 
  • Contains 18 essential amino acids that naturally aid in countering the effects of ageing, whilst helping to retain moisture in the skin 
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin 
  • Breathable and naturally cool to the touch
Silkism's silk products have undergone the AATCC 100 testing method and is proven to be antibacterial. Although it is not an anti-viral product, it will provide a basic level of protection.

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