Our Objectives

Every day, in our cities, we see trees cut down more and more, and temperatures rise quickly. Many, if not most, are feeling the manifest impact of the cutting of trees first-hand. It’s just that little bit warmer, a little less breathable, and we can all feel first-hand the effects of climate change from cutting more trees.

Alternatively, recent science proves that a feasible way to reduce greenhouse gas is to plant more trees and restore vital forests. While the science of climate change is complex, this solution is remarkably simple. Trees naturally absorb and store dangerous carbon. Just one tree can remove up to 48 lbs. of carbon every year.

Planting a tree is theoretically its reward, as trees result in cleaner air, a purer atmosphere, lower chances of flooding, and lower temperatures.


Save the Earth with Silkism

Silksim has always been committed to sustainable fashion, every product contributes to environmental protection, and the mulberry silk materials selected can achieve negative emissions in addition to not damaging the environment. Supporting the growth of the mulberry tree, which mitigates 30 times of silk production carbon footprint. Silkism empowers customers to engage with nature and to steward the environment for the next generation by using only sustainable materials. 

silkism sustainability

We are happy to launch this loyalty program for all of our subscribers.

Here at Silkism, we would like to raise public awareness on sustainability and saving our environment. We would like you to join us - Silkcoin membership which customers can earn the Silkoin to fulfill the ultimate mulberry tree plantation campaign that helps mitigate the carbon footprint and save our planet.

Become our Member

When you create an account on the Silkism website you will automatically become a loyal member that will earn a Silkoin from every single HK dollar you spend. 

Earn Silkoin to spend or donate



Silkoin reaches 100,000
You can plant a mulberry tree at our base camp in China OR Silkism donate HK$10,000 on behalf of you to the environmental association.

Let’s be a conscious shopper and save our planet together!

 A Way of LIFE, A Way of LOVE.

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