‘Pause & Breathe’ 3D mask for Adult (Charity Sale)


‘Pause & Breathe’ is an approved charitable institution initiated by Changlin Fashi and Florence Hui, the former Under Secretary for Home Affairs. It aims to provide simple and tailored practices for peace of mind to help Hong Kong people stay calm amidst the hustle and bustle of life, as well as to help them relieve pressure and emotional stress by feeling their own breathing. All proceeds from the sale of masks will go to ‘Pause & Breathe’ (IRD File No.:91/17061) to promote breathing practices for all.

「心呼吸」是政府認可之慈善機構,發起人是常霖法師和時任民政事務局副局長許曉暉,目標是為香港人度身訂造及推廣簡易的心安方法,在忙碌的生活中適時停下來,透過用心感受自己呼吸以減壓和舒緩情緒。售出口罩所得之全部收入,將全數捐贈「心呼吸」 (慈善團體號碼:91/17061) 作推廣全民心呼吸之用。

Product Details
- BFE ≥99%, PFE ≥99%, VFE ≥99%
- 17cm*9.5cm (+/- 3mm)
- Grey color ‘Pause & Breathe’ printed pattern
- Adjustable ear loops for comfortable wear
- Individual packing. Each box contains 30pcs
- FDA certified
- CE certified
- GB/T32610-2016 certified
- Valid for 2 years
Charity Price: HK$100/box (30pcs)

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- BFE ≥99%, PFE ≥99%, VFE ≥99%
- 17cm*9.5cm (+/- 3mm)
- 灰色心呼吸印花圖案
- 口罩繩帶採用可調節扣設計
- 獨立包裝,每盒30個
- FDA認證
- CE認證
- 符合GB/T32610-2016標準
- 2年保存期限

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